Great product design is key.

This design innovation caught my attention because it solved a complex problem with a single graphic solution.

Good design is good business

Finally A Political Leader Worth Posting About Regarding Climate Change.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) makes solid intellectual and scientific case regarding climate real effects. He underscores that there is real science about human caused carbon pollution and climate change. Watch and share the video. Hat tip to Pascal Finette Twitter feed: @pfinette

Leafly runs full-page medical marijuana ad in New York Times

Well yes it is news that ran perhaps the first full-page marijuana ad in the New York Times. That said, what is more important is the bold and innovative work start up Leafly has built over the years. They’re disrupting the status-quo and providing critical information to people that need to understand more about cannabis strains. Moreover, this public conversation they’re pushing reverberates up to elective officials which will perhaps push them to legalize marijuana in all US states. The fact is cannabis should be legal and companies like Leafly are making anyone interested information regarding cannabis strains available so consumers can purchase products they have researched using Leafly’s extensive database. Knowledge is power.

NYTimes Leafly Ad

DJ Dodger Stadium drone video is cool.

New single Love Songs, LA dance outfit DJ Dodger Stadium filmed a slick and beautifully shot music video from the eye of a single drone in my old Buzznet office neighborhood of Westlake near downtown LA.