Hello, I am Anthony Batt

I'm a California based entrepreneur obsessed with product design (UX/UI), software engineering, operating massive cloud services and mining data on audience and product behaviors. In 2004, I was the CEO and cofounder of social media music and celebrity content network Buzznet/BUZZmedia now rebranded as SPIN media. In 2000, I cofounded Metapa and was the CTO focused on engineering an enterprise SaaS media distribution platform. We slowly morphed Metapa into a pure big data platform and rebranded it as Greenplum 2003. EMC purchased Greenplum 2010 and was recently spun out to become big data enterprise services company Pivotal.

In 2011, I partnered with Ashton Kutcher, to become the President of Katalyst Network his digital media, investment and television production comapany. We launched a Youtube funded video channel called Thrash Lab where we focused on the culture of creativity and artists. As executive creative director of Thrash Lab; I directed a creative team to curate and produce top talent to tell amazing stories on cutting edge people and subcultures. In 2012, we launched a second video channel called Prank Lab with Machinima. My team also created award winning social media programming initiatives for brands like: Virgin Mobile, GE, Intel, Levi's and Nikon. I also oversaw several early stage investments Katalyst and Ashton participated in.

In 2013, I joined former Metapa cofounder Scott Yara and engineer Neville Spiteri to become the third founder on creating a world class immersive computing and VR startup Wemo Lab.

I advise other entrepreneurs working on digital media and software products. I am the board of Jesse Von Doom's Cash Music project. Cashmusic is an open source software foundation engineering a next generation platform for musicians and visual artists. I'm an advisor: to NYC startup Seed&Spark. They're disrupting the indie-film industry by providing a new digital platform to fund and directly distribute films to audiences. I partnered with Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad) and Wemo Lab HiGoodbye.com to product design and engineer a 10X better QA platform for the web. In summer of 2014, I became a product and technical advisor to Privateer Holdings focusing on Leafly.com

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I am active on Twitter @djabatt and curate content at: battblog and Medium.